Fractious – Obel (Nicolas Bacher Remix)


Northern Ireland based Stephen Garrett started his Fractious alias just under 2 years ago as a side line from his Miniminds project and has been gaining great momentum and reception on labels such as Capsula, Neurotraxx, Teggno, Incorrect. His Fractious alias is all about exploring techno grooves and his debut release on NB Record is fine example of just that.

Obel begins with a rolling groove with blends with synth stabs that morph and twist throughout the track with crisp high end percussion thrown into the mix. Without warning the tune breaks down into an epic string section then builds the track to an explosive peak which will have them dancefloors going crazy!!! The ‚Stolen String Edit‘ speaks for itself.

On first remix duty we have the legendary Mr C behind the successful brand Superfreq and The Shamen lead vocalist (back in the day) providing a nice Tech House edge on the original with a groovy bassline, smart arrangement of the synth stabs and trippy acid sounds that will get them floors going and a twisted delay climax which could only come from Richards inner aura.

The second remix comes from NB Records label owner Nicolas Bacher who applied his trademark sound on Obel and delivers a smooth sounding, bass driven remake of the original with delayed stabs and uplifting atmospheric sounds.

Original Track written and produced by Stephen Garrett, remixed by Mr.C and Nicolas Bacher. Big shout out to Lebo.