Nicolas Bacher – Stratos


Nicolas Bacher is back on his own imprint with his latest track „Stratos“ which was influenced by the „Mission to the Edge of Space“. The original track starts with dark percussions and a steep sequenced bassline which builds throughout the track, dropping into an emotional break just to take it further and leading back into drumatic beats. Kosheen DJs & Dubspeeka deliver a outstanding remix with groove never heard before, attacking the speakers and pushing the percussive vibe of the original mix one step further.On October 14th 2012, Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner completed a jump from 39000 meters, breaking the sound barrier reaching 1342.8 km/h and breaking the world record for highest freefall, and highest manned balloon flight. „I want to dedicate this release to a man who believed in his mission and realised his dream.“ – Nicolas Bacher